Famous lechon in cebu Uncover Cebu’s Best Lechon: A Guide to the City’s Iconic Roasted Pig Delight

Famous lechon in cebu

Lechon, a roasted pig dish, is a popular delicacy in the Philippines, and one of the best places to try this mouth-watering dish is in Cebu. Cebu, the Queen City of the South, is known for its delicious and succulent lechon, which has been hailed as the “best pig ever” by world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain.

Cebu’s lechon is unique because of the way it is prepared. The pig is seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, which includes salt, pepper, garlic, onions, and lemongrass, among others. The pig is then roasted over an open flame, and the result is a crispy and flavorful skin with tender and juicy meat. The lechon is often served with liver sauce or vinegar.

One of the most famous places to try Cebu’s lechon is at the Cebu City Public Market, specifically at the stall of the late Pedro “Jun” Ursua. Ursua’s lechon has been recognized as the “best-tasting lechon” by local and international food critics. Ursua’s lechon is known for its distinct flavor, which is a result of the unique blend of herbs and spices used in the seasoning.

Another famous lechon place in Cebu is the Carcar Market. The lechon sold here is known for its crispy skin, and the meat is said to be sweeter compared to other lechon varieties. The lechon in Carcar is often served with a side of puso, a type of rice wrapped in coconut leaves.

Aside from Ursua’s and Carcar Market, other popular lechon places in Cebu include Rico’s Lechon, CnT Lechon, and Zubuchon. These establishments have gained a reputation for their delicious and high-quality lechon.

Cebu’s lechon has become a cultural and culinary icon, and it has been featured in several food documentaries and television shows. Its popularity has also made it a must-try dish for tourists visiting the city. Visitors can even take home a whole roasted pig as a souvenir.

In conclusion, Cebu’s lechon is not only a delicious dish but also a cultural and culinary symbol of the city. The unique blend of herbs and spices used in the seasoning, the open flame roasting, and the crispy skin make it a must-try dish for food enthusiasts. If you find yourself in Cebu, don’t forget to try their world-famous lechon.