cebu philippines

cebu philippines is a valuable point of interest for any tourists in the country. And that’s largely because Cebu is the second most important city in Philippines—next to Manila. It’s a favorable point for connecting travels to other cities, provinces and islands as well. Moreover, it has its own international airport in Mactan Island, which […]

things to do in siargao during an Island Getaway

things to do in Siargao, siargao filipinas is one of the best gems the Philippines has for local and international tourists. That’s why you should learn what to do in Siargao through your island escapade. It was once a secluded and unpopular island a few decades ago. But it’s a popular and favorite spot for […]

philippine travel guides

philippine travel guides Knowing best Budget Plan for a 2019 Philippine Travel Updated Ideal Budget to meet transportation, food, accommodation and living expenses Comparing Price Rates with Neighboring Countries Philippines generally have higher prices than many Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. And there are varying factors that can affect […]

Manila Philippines | History, Geography, Map, & Points of Interest

Discover Manila Philippines for a tour in the country’s capital Meta: Learn how to enjoy Manila Philippines for a worthwhile tour in the country’s capital city. See its rich urban life and history through your visit. Manila Philippines is the heart of the country, and is popular because of its rich history and contrasting characteristics. […]

Top 10 best beaches in philippines

best beaches in philippines Top 10 interestingly fantastic best beaches in philippines you should visit Philippines beaches are paradise beaches popular worldwide because of unique and serene wonders.  Discover the best beaches in the Philippines to visit. Be sure to include the fascinating best beaches in philippines in your vacation checklist! Choose from popular yet […]

Ifugao THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Ifugao Province – 2019

Ifugao – Land Of The Eighth World Wonder Brief Description Ifugao is home to a thriving ancient culture and host to the famous rice terraces carved from the base of the mountainsides to the top, which appear to be massive green stairways reaching to the sky. The famous terraces had been inscribed in UNESCO’s World […]