pasalubong from bacolod Uncovering the Secrets of Bacolod’s Pasalubong: A Deep Dive into the Flavors and Traditions of the City’s Culinary Gems


Bacolod City, also known as the “City of Smiles,” is a hub of culinary excellence and cultural heritage in the Philippines. One of its most treasured traditions is the concept of pasalubong, a form of gift-giving that involves bringing home souvenirs or delicacies for loved ones after traveling. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of Bacolod’s pasalubong, exploring the flavors, traditions, and stories behind some of the city’s most famous delicacies.


  1. The Sweet Sensation of Piaya: Piaya is a flat, unleavened bread filled with muscovado sugar and sesame seeds, typically sold in Bacolod’s Merci Pasalubong Center. We’ll explore the history of piaya, its cultural significance in Bacolod, and how it’s made from scratch by the city’s master bakers.
  2. Indulging in the Richness of Napoleones: Napoleones is a French-inspired dessert that has become a beloved specialty of Bacolod. We’ll take a closer look at the layers of flaky pastry, custard, and buttercream that make up this decadent treat, as well as its origins and how it’s become a staple in Bacolod’s pasalubong culture.
  3. The Savory Delights of Dried Fish: Dried fish, known locally as “buwad,” is a staple in many Filipino households. We’ll delve into the variety of dried fish available in Bacolod, from tuyo to danggit, and how they are prepared and preserved. We’ll also examine the history and cultural significance of dried fish in the Philippines.
  4. The Ubiquitous Chicken Inasal: Chicken inasal is a grilled chicken dish marinated in a mixture of vinegar, calamansi, ginger, and lemongrass. It’s a popular dish not only in Bacolod but across the Philippines. We’ll explore the origin story of chicken inasal, how it’s made, and how it’s become a go-to pasalubong for many travelers.


Bacolod’s pasalubong culture is a rich tapestry of flavors, stories, and traditions. From sweet treats like piaya and napoleones to savory delights like dried fish and chicken inasal, Bacolod’s culinary gems are a testament to the city’s vibrant heritage. Whether you’re a traveler or a local, Bacolod’s pasalubong offerings are a must-try. So why not indulge in a little taste of Bacolod’s culture today?

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