Best Philippines travel spots

Best Philippines travel spots

If your holiday bucket list includes tropical islands, breathtaking scenery, and never-ending adventures, then you have found a jewel of a destination with the Philippines. The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands and is the ideal destination for a blend of nature, culture, and enjoyment. Paradise-like beaches, picturesque turquoise-watershed islands, the world-leading cone volcanoes, the world’s tiniest primate surfing places, and hundreds of years old Spanish fortresses – these were just a few of your holidays in the Philippines. The creation of an itinerary is particularly deep, especially for the first vacation, with all the destinations and activities the Philippines provides. The Philippines islands offer the ultimate retreat from translucent sandy oceans to white sandy beaches. We have created a list of the Philippines’s finest spots, covering the best beaches, gorgeous resorts, and green jungles.

1.  Manila

The heart and spirit of the country are Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The Asian metropolis is surrounded by the concrete hum of a town with glimmering skyscrapers. Manila is one of the best destinations to visit in the Philippines with its modern parks, centers, and hotels with the best hospitality. Take a walk along the historic path in Manila’s fortified city Intramuros. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi constructed this 64-hectare Spanish fortification and destroys it by the conclusion of World War 2. The ruins remain today however very vivid and can be explored through Intramuros tours. Several universities and institutions have become located in the region. Fort Santiago, a bastion serving as headquarters for armies and international authorities, is another Intramuro attraction. The national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was incarcerated before his execution in a historically significant place.

2. Mayon Volcano

The most perfect volcanic cone and volcano in the Philippines, as soon as your flight arrives at the airport of Legazpi City, welcomes you with its magnificence. Mayon Volcano is a prominent feature on every Bicol tour and one of the most picturesque spots in the Philippines. Its pure beauty (the name Mayon originates from the Hebrew ‘magayon,’ which meaning beautiful) is hidden from a violent core, with eruptions from the past that obliterated several cities. The volcano from afar is already a spectacular experience. But if you’re a thrill junkie, glide through a zipline on Lignon Hill to absorb up all of his beauty. To explore additional unique, historic sights on the Mayon Volcano, visit the Cagsawa Ruins. As a bonus, you can take a side journey from Legazpi to Donsol, where you can watch whale sharks sunbathing quietly in their natural surroundings.

3.  Nacpan Beach

The islands and lagoons in Palawan have a famed paradise, but the Nido Beach takes you on a 45-minute journey from Palawan’s main town on a country tour. There should be no missing Island hopping trips in El Nido. But after a day full of bays, beach pockets, calcareous cliffs, a peaceful trip to Nacpan Beach is recommended and deserves to be a part of your tour of El Nido. The major sight is its 4 kilometers of golden sand and infinite palm trees, ideal for just strolling about. The two beaches are now commonly known as the El Nido Twin Beaches, and Calitang Beach is located across the street. It is not encouraged for visitors to swim far from the coast in Nacpan as streams become rocky and forceful with little warning.

4. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls in Cebu reaches a sweet spot whether you like to jump into or swim in cool water. It is a multi-layered waterfall, mostly noted for its turquoise waters in the town of Badian. The first cascade or level at a height of 40 meters is where the majority of visitors are staying, swimming, and having a natural water massage on a bamboo raft. You will reach the peaceful second waterfall in a 10-minute walk. Kawasan Falls also represents the endpoint of the most popular adventure, the canyoning. Starting at Kanlaob River in the village of Alegria, you will travel to Kawasan, swim along rivers, recall nature rock faces, sauté mini-waterfalls. The nearby city of Moalboal is famous for its experience of sardine running, where you swim offshore with millions of sardines.

5. Cloud 9, Siargao

Siargao is nothing short of meteoric as a leading tourism destination in the Philippines. It is now once a tranquil island in Surigao del Norte and is mainly due to one activity: surfing. It is one of the tourists’ favorite places. It is now recognized as the surfing center of the Philippines, and some people even consider it the Asian surf mecca. From November to April everything is well with the thick tubes of Cloud 9, making it perfect to stock (note: it is recommended for advanced surfers only). But there are other exciting Siargao activities and lovely sights to see such as rock pools, waterfalls, and the neighboring Shooton Lake, where you may swim with hundreds of non-sting jellyfish. You do not need to walk the waves to enjoy this island vacation. Search for alternative experiences of Siargao that you can add to your plans.

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