what are the pasalubong from bacolod? Uncovering the Hidden Gems: A Guide to the Best Pasalubong from Bacolod City

what are the pasalubong from bacolod piyaya

Bacolod is a city located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. It is known for its delicious food, friendly people, and beautiful beaches. When visiting Bacolod, it is customary to bring back gifts, or “pasalubong,” for friends and family. Here are some of the top pasalubong options from Bacolod:

  1. Bacolod Inasal – Bacolod is famous for its inasal, a type of grilled chicken that is marinated in a special blend of spices. The chicken is typically grilled over charcoal, giving it a unique smoky flavor. Pasalubong options include whole chickens, chicken skewers, or even inasal-flavored snacks such as chips and crackers.
  2. Piyaya is a thin, flatbread that is filled with a sweet and gooey mixture of muscovado sugar and ground glutinous rice. It is traditionally made by hand and cooked on a griddle. Pasalubong options include plain piaya, as well as those filled with different flavors such as chocolate and ube.
  3. Napoleones – Napoleones is a traditional Filipino pastry that is made of layers of flaky pastry and sweet custard filling. It originated in Bacolod and is named after Napoleon Bonaparte because of its French-inspired appearance. Pasalubong options include the classic napoleones, as well as variations such as those filled with fruit or flavored with different extracts.
  4. Barquillos – Barquillos are thin, crispy rolls of wafer that are often filled with ice cream or sweetened condensed milk. They are a popular pasalubong option in Bacolod, and can be found in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and ube.
  5. Tinuktok – Tinuktok is a popular Bacolod delicacy, it is a type of street food made from glutinous rice and wrapped in banana leaves. It is usually filled with meat, fish or vegetables, and is usually eaten with spicy vinegar.
  6. Canned Seafood – Bacolod is a coastal city and it is well known for its fresh seafood. Pasalubong options include canned seafood such as tuna, sardines, and mackerel, which are perfect for those who want to bring a taste of Bacolod’s sea back home.
  7. Handicrafts – Bacolod is also home to a rich cultural heritage and a thriving artisanal community. Pasalubong options include traditional woven fabrics, hand-painted pottery, and intricate wood carvings. These are perfect for those looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts.
  8. Negros Muscovado Sugar – Negros is known for its sweet muscovado sugar, which is made from sugarcane grown in the region. This type of sugar is known for its unique flavor and texture, and is perfect for cooking and baking. Pasalubong options include raw muscovado sugar, as well as products made with it such as candy and chocolate.

In conclusion, Bacolod has a lot to offer in terms of pasalubong. From delicious food to unique crafts, there is something for everyone. Be sure to try some of these traditional Bacolod delicacies and bring a piece of the city back home with you.