Top 10 best beaches in philippines

best beaches in philippines

Top 10 interestingly fantastic best beaches in philippines you should visit

Philippines beaches are paradise beaches popular worldwide because of unique and serene wonders.  Discover the best beaches in the Philippines to visit.

Be sure to include the fascinating best beaches in philippines in your vacation checklist! Choose from popular yet world-class beaches so you can easily unwind near leisure areas and classy restaurants. But secluded islands and lagoons are spots you should know to relax away from the crowd.

Choose to unwind under the sun as you take a sip of various coconut-based cocktails which fits your taste.

Taking instagrammable nice photos on the beach is not to miss as well.

And if you favor exhilarating adventures, try snorkeling, surfing and kayaking among other watersports.

Diving underwater and swimming with sharks, turtles, fishes and other marine creatures are activities to consider too.

Whatever your preference is, one or few of the best beaches in the Philippines should suit you well. Here’s a list to guide you.

Top best beaches in philippines you should visit on a Getaway

White Beach in Boracay Island

Source: Boracay Compas

If you love white sand beaches, placid waters, beach bars, beach restaurants and watersports, White Beach in Boracay would let you have it all in one.

Its white sand, crystal-clear water and wealthy coral reefs is popular among local and international tourists in Philippines to see.

Go swimming, sunbathing or relax on the beach, but kayaking, windsurfing, diving and water skiing are activities to try as well.

Moreover, tourist complexes, restaurants and bars are available for additional leisure too.

And to reach Boracay, you should leave from Caticlan in Panay Island via sea travel. Also, you can fly from Manila or Cebu to Godofredo Ramos Airport in Caticlan, then take a trip to Boracay Island. That’s how you reach one of the top Philippines beaches today.

Alona Beach in Panglao

Alona Beach in Panglao Bohol

Source: Alona Beach

Alona Beach in Panglao Island also offer white sand and crystal-clear water, but without the heavy bulk of tourists on a visit. Here you would see different goldfishes and coral reefs without the use of diving gears.  But it’s among the top Philippine beaches which offer beginners or advance diving lessons as well.

Of course, simply swimming, relaxing or having a cocktail is great to enjoy on Alona Beach. Strolling from end to end through huge boulders is an enjoyable thing to do as well. Moreover, it features vibrant night parties and bars which many tourists enjoy.

Panglao is reachable via fast ferry from Cebu, which only takes around 2 hours of sea travel. But you can travel from Dapitan in Mindanao as well, which would take you around 4 hours. And if you’re coming from Manila, fly to the island of Bohol so you can travel to Panglao.

7 Commandos Beach in Palawan

Commandos Beach in Palawan

Source : The poor

The beach got its name from an unconfirmed tale of 7 soldiers which were stranded in the island during World War II. But today, 7 Commandos Beach is one of the spots where you take the best photos of beautiful beaches in the Philippines. It features turquoise water beside a white sand beach with palm trees, lush vegetation and huge rock formations on the backdrop. That’s definitely inviting for a swim, relax, drink a cocktail, play volleyball or enjoy scenic sunset at the end of the day.

7 Commandos Beach is in El Nido, Palawan which is also a home to many Philippines beaches tourists love. That’s why it’s best to reach the beach from the town, but you need to travel by boat. Inquire with tourist agencies in the place so you’d have accurate info of departure time and cost among other details.

Nacpan Beach in Palawan


Among the most photogenic and best beaches of the Philippines, Nacpan Beach features a 4km white sand beach, turquoise water and dense rows of palm trees. It also has a hill overlooking the scene where it’s perfect to take photos of the place. And on its southern spot, you’d find its twin beach which is the Calitang Beach.

This serene cove in El Nido Palawan is perfect for relaxation and rest. While at it, enjoy vegetable salad, prawns and grilled chicken and fish among other mouthwatering dishes. Grab some cool drinks for better satisfaction too.

The only way to reach Nacpan Beach is by taking a jeepneys from the bus terminal of El Nido, which is an around 45minutes travel north. Note that there’s only one jeep which travel at 11am each day, and goes back at 7am on the next day. That’s why it’s best to book for an overnight accommodation in Nacpan.

Las Cabanas Beach in Palawan

Source: Travel

Las Cabanas is a perfect paradise for different recreational activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle surfing and a hundred-meter exhilarating zipline. Its inviting turquoise water and white sand beach is among the top Philippines beaches you should see. Also, it features lively nightlife with lots of music and drinks to enjoy.

To reach Las Cabanas Beach, take a 15-minute tricycle travel from El Nido town. But consider traveling by boat or kayak for bigger adventure as well.

Sabang Beach in Palawan

Sabanga Beach in Palwan

Source: Jothan

Palawan is definitely a home to many of the best Philippines beaches which offer different experiences for you. Sabang is one of these beaches, which is located around 40km from the popular Puerto Princesa. It features unique soft-yellow sand, and is near to the world-renounced underground river.  Also, the beach is ideal for relaxation, since it doesn’t get much crowd of visitor’s

Here you can enjoy the water, simply relax on the beach or get massage services from relaxation centers.  Food stalls are available around as well, which offer local and international cuisines you should try. Of course, a visit at the underground water would complete your getaway.

To reach Puerto Princesa, fly from major cities in the Philippines such as Manila, Cebu and Davao. Then travel by private vehicle to Sabang Beach, which would take you around 2 hours.

Bounty Beach in Malapascua

Buonty Beach in Malapascua

Source: The pinay solo backpacker

Bounty Beach is a popular island beach which is about 1km in length. It’s crystal-clear water and alluring corals are perfectly inviting for swimming, snorkeling and diving. You’d even have a chance to spot fox sharks, which only swims near the surface early in the morning. Also, plenty of resorts and restaurants are available around, which offer different seafood dishes.

Bounty Beach is definitely one of the top Philippines beaches you should visit.  But the only option to reach Malapascua Island is by taking a ferry from Maya Port in Cebu.

Paradise Beach in Palawan

Paradise Beach in Palawan

Source: Trip advisor

Large coconut trees, white sand, greenish blue water and rich marine life define the Paradise Beach in Palawan. That makes it among the top paradise beaches in the country, where you should enjoy relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, diving or snorkeling. Its wealthy marine life is something you should see as well. Be sure, however, to bring enough food, water and drinks on your visit, since there are no restaurants and vendors nearby.

Reach the place by flying to Puerto Princesa, then take a bus to El Nido. Alternatively, you can book a direct flight from Manila to El Nido, but it’s generally much expensive. From El Nido, book a guided tour which includes Paradise Beach in its package. You can also rent a private boat to arrange your own tour, or rent a kayak from a travel agency.

Secret Beach in Palawan

secret beach in palawan

Source: Nice Rio Adventure

Secret Beach offers enjoyable adventure, excitement and relaxation in one. It’s a highly secluded beach, shielded by massive rock formations and rich vegetation. In fact, you need to swim or dive through a small crack between large boulders to reach the area. However, everything is worth it, since greenish blue crystal water and white sand are waiting for you.

Secret Beach is definitely among the most magical Philippines beaches you should visit. Travel to the town of El Nido for few travel choices to Matinloc Island. Then, book a guided tour throughout the Bacuit Archipelago which includes the Matinloc Island. Alternatively, book a private boat to arrange your own travel.

Paradise Beach in Bantayan Island

Paradise beach in bantayan island


Talking about what to see in the Philippines would always include white sand beaches, placid rivers and rich marine life in the list. And these are what you should enjoy on Paradise Beach in Bantayan Island. Here you should plan about taking a swim, go snorkeling or dive at deeper waters off the coast. On its eastern area, a rocky cliff invites you to take stunning instagrammable photos.

To reach Bantayan Beach, take a 3-hour bus ride from Cebu to Hagdaya Port.  Then, take a ferry to the port of Santa Fe in Bantayan. Paradise Beach is open from 9am to 5pm, and be sure to bring enough food, water and drinks among other supplies on your visit. There are no stores or restaurant nearby the area.

Langob Beach in Malapascua


Malapascua Island also has a number of fascinating Philippines beaches you should visit. Langob Beach features turquoise waters, white sand beach and rich rows of palm trees for you to enjoy. It’s a perfect a spot for swimming, snorkeling, diving and enjoying sunsets. Moreover, there’s a bar near the shore which offers cool craft beer you should try.

To reach the area, travel to Cebu from other places in the Philippines. Then, go to Maya port, and ride on a ferry to Malapascua Island.

These are the top best beaches in philippines you should visit on your getaway in the country. And there’s still a long list of fascinating beaches you should see. Learn more about them, and see which beach suit your preferences well.


best beaches in philippines frequently ask questions

What is the most beautiful beach in the Philippines?
Let’s have a look at the best beaches in the Philippines:
White Beach, Boracay. Source: Maks Ershov / shutterstock. …
El Nido, Palawan. …
Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island. …
Cagayan Valley, Palaui Island. …
Alona Beach, Panglao. …
Dumaluan Beach, Panglao. …
Caramoan, Camarines Sur. …
Babau Santa Beach Resort, Talicud Island.

The 21 Most Beautiful Islands in the Philippines
Matinloc Island, Palawan.
Miniloc Island, Palawan.
Siargao, Surigao del Norte.
Boracay, Aklan.
Calaguas, Camarines Norte.
Matukad Island, Camarines Sur.
Lahos Island, Camarines Sur.
White Island, Camiguin.

Which Philippine island is best?
Let’s explore the best islands to visit in the Philippines:
Palaui Island. Source: Gloss Girl / Flickr. …
Siargao. Source: joyfull / shutterstock. …
Cebu Island. Source: Maks Ershov / shutterstock. …
Malapascua. Source: Randy Ngatimin / shutterstock. …
Palawan. Source: Alena Ozerova / shutterstock. …
El Nido. …
Bohol. …

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